Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Mexico  10th edition

Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Mexico
10th edition

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Breaking Boundaries

Transforming logistics to deliver nearshoring's potential

Mexico’s premier automotive logistics conference returns on November 12-14, to Mexico City, uniting senior leaders and decision-makers to transform the region’s logistics and supply chain for a new era of increased automotive manufacturing and trade.

Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Mexico is the must-attend event for those interested in strengthening the country’s automotive parts logistics, vehicle distribution network and trade links, building new partnerships and connecting directly with the country’s innovative and creative workforce across all areas of logistics management and operations.

Mexico’s automotive industry has cemented itself as a leading production hub for vehicles and components, accelerating further post-pandemic as a centre for further production, supply and distribution investment from established and new players. Today, localisation trends, strong trade links across North America and global markets, and a competitive and creative workforce give Mexico an edge to scale new heights in terms of investment, automotive production volumes and throughflows of parts and vehicles.

However, sustainable growth is far from guaranteed. In a pivotal election year, a perfect storm is brewing as geopolitical uncertainty combines with rising production, imports and exports and an increasing demand for logistics capacity and services, amplifying long-standing storage, capacity and security constraints at Mexico’s ports and land borders, and amongst rail, ocean and road carrier networks. Mexico’s ability to fulfil its localisation potential will rely heavily on whether its logistics and supply chain networks can adapt, advance and keep pace with demand.

Across all fronts, automotive leaders must break boundaries to transform Mexico’s logistics and supply chains – investing in critical logistics infrastructure and carrier capacity, improving cross-border operations, developing reliable customs processes and systems, advancing digital competencies, streamlining parts and vehicle throughput, upskilling and empowering workers, and establishing the right network of logistics providers and services to remain globally competitive.

Automotive Logistics and Supply Chain Mexico will explore how today’s leaders are addressing intensifying supply chain complexity, building greater flexibility into their logistics operations, implementing digital tools to optimise operations and mitigate disruption and harnessing Mexico’s talented workforce to develop creative solutions to keep the supply chain flowing.

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Confirmed speakers for 2024

Defining Tracks for 2024

The Automotive Logistics & Supply Chain Mexico Conference 2024 will feature expanded sessions, workshops and speakers in these critical areas:

Delivering nearshoring's potential 

Mexico’s logistics network must rapidly scale to keep pace with demand driven by regionalisation and nearshoring trends and adapt transport modes, warehousing, inventory levels and partnerships to serve localised supply chains.

Maximising Mexico's talent

Mexico’s greatest strength lies in its creative and industrious workforce, and empowering employees, upskilling for the digital age, retaining knowledge and high-performers, and creating attractive and competitive pathways for the next generation of talent is critical for supply chain excellence.

Cross-border excellence

Mexico’s borders, international gateways and cross-border logistics services require critical upgrades, investments in storage, fleets, technology and partnerships, alongside efficient and reliable customs processing and systems.

Future focus 

To remain globally competitive, Mexico’s automotive leaders must plan for the new era of electric vehicle production and distribution, carbon-free supply chains and connected mobility solutions.

Mexico 4.0

Digital tools, cutting-edge software and data analytics are transforming Mexico’s logistics, optimising physical flows, streamlining decision-making, automating processes and improving visibility.                                                                                             

Hyper-competitive logistics

North America's complex geopolitical and economic landscape, reshoring investments and new market players are driving a hyper-competitive market where demand for logistics capacity, services and talent far outstrips supply, requiring manufacturers to innovate, improve forecasting and planning, and redefine partnerships to maintain supply chain excellence.

Why attend

Hear from industry leaders as they provide practical, strategic, and crucial insights into the transformation and evolution of automotive logistics and supply chains.

Drive collaboration and build your network of industry connections with ample networking opportunities as we bring the automotive logistics community together.

Explore the latest innovations with our partners showcasing the solutions that are transforming production for an electrified, digital, and sustainable future.

Who should attend

  • Logistics and supply chain
    Senior leaders steering their logistics and supply chain strategies, transforming processes, managing transformation, sustainability initiatives and upskilling the workforce.

  • Inbound logistics
    Leaders managing the complexity of inbound supply chain and strategic inbound network design, dynamic load planning, visibility, digitalisation, and third-party carriers.

  • Finished vehicle logistics
    Experts managing intricate movement of a vehicle from the time it leaves the OEM production line until it reaches the customer through route optimisation, visibility, network design, cost, and quality.

  • In plant and warehouse operations
    Production logistics leaders responsible for assembly line operations, material handling and logistics, inventory management, kitting, sequencing, warehouse management and optimising automation.

  • After sales and service parts
    Leaders and specialists in parts distribution, supply chain management, inventory management, transportation, and logistics technology.

  • Innovation and technology
    Professionals focusing on digitalisation and transformation of supply chain and logistics through advances in technology, tools and the development of agile working cultures and the realisation of Logistics 4.0.

  • Tech and start-up partners
    Industry players pointing out the way to more seamless exchange across the supply chain, from the largest OEMs to SMEs across the value chain.

  • Research and development
    Professionals looking closely at opportunities to use new types of flexible logistics automation, whether in plant supermarkets and warehouses or finished vehicle yards.




Previous representatives

Previous representatives

"I consider this a great forum to update the situation on the industry and develop new business networking"

- Senior Manager of Parts Logistics at Toyota

"Top 1 forum to understand the current trends on the supply chain and logistics for better future planning"

- Senior Director at American Axle & Manufacturing

"Outstanding speakers sharing insights and knowledge for company success and towards future challenges"

- Procurement Manager at Honda De Mexico

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